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How to become Business man in this stepes

The best meetings are those where everyone participates, so don’t let one or two people dominate the meeting while others doodle on their notepads.  As you move through your agenda, stop at the end of each item summarize what you understand to be the feelings of the group and state the important points made during the discussion.

A.  Summarize the debate.
As the conclusion of the meeting, tie up the loose ends either summarize the general conclusion of the group or list the suggestion.

Wrapping things up ensures that all participants agree on the outcome and gives people a chance to clear up any misunderstandings.  Before the meeting breaks up briefly review who has agreed to do what by what date.

B.   Review and circulating the minutes
As soon as possible after the meeting has taken place, the leader should give all the participants a copy of the minutes or notes, showing recommended actions, schedules, and responsibilities. The minutes will remind everyone of what took place and provide a reference for future actions.

Activity 9.2
1.      List the main steps that a meeting leader or chairperson can take during the planning stage to ensure that meetings will be productive.
2.      What are the main activities of the chairperson during the meeting?


9.5.  Taking Meeting Minutes

Taking a minute is one of the important activity in a meeting and minutes are important that they facilitate future reference. Minutes could be written in different ways. This section presents you the guidelines in taking minutes, and the content of minutes.  

i.                   What is a minute?
Minutes are written documents of the proceedings of a formal meeting. Minutes can also be understood as the abstract of details of what have been discussed at a meeting.

Dear learners, do know any thing about a meeting’s minute? What are information what must be included in the minute?

ii.                 Minute writing procedure
Minutes of a formal meeting should include the following essentials:
i.      Description of the nature of meeting like regular, extra ordinary, or emergency
ii.    Identification of the participants such as board members, discipline committee etc.  
iii.   Description of the venue, time, and date in which the meeting was held
iv.  Identification of the participants in attendance as members present, absent, and apologies received.
v.    Reference to the minutes of the previous meeting- here you have to state whether it is accepted as read, amended and then accepted
vi.  Matters arising from the minute
vii.Reports of action on matters previously presented to the group/old business
viii. Reports of action on matters currently presented to the group/new business and
ix.  Adjournment

Dear learners if you are given an opportunity to act as a minute taker or secretary for a certain meeting, it is important to note that you take only necessary detail of what have been discussed. You have to include resolutions or decisions reached in the meeting.  

Sample minute:
ABC university
Faculty of Natural sciences
Department of Biology
Weekly Department meeting 

Date:               October 21, 2009

Venue:            Academic Commission Meeting Room

Time:              2:30 P.M.

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