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Jim Bakker: Donald Trump was sent by god to prepare the world for the end times

On his television program , End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker said that God had told him that the first horse of the Apocalypse has been released on earth and that President Trump was elected in order to give Christians time to prepare for the Last Days. Video is shown below.

“Have you ever seen a time when we hate our president like the people do now?” Bakker marveled. “Literally half the nation hates the president and would probably kill him if they got a chance.”
Bakker said that when he asked God what was going on, God told him that “you are in Revelation, Chapter 6,” which tells of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

“This is what He told me,” Bakker claimed. “He said, ‘Donald Trump is a respite in this troubled times and I sent him in grace to give you time to prepare for what’s coming on earth.'”
Bakker said that while “the Antichrist spirit” has been let loose on America.

 “God has given us a man who is not afraid to fight. We have a president people think is crazy. They call him crazy, but he’s making peace treaties, he’s doing all the things to try to solve the world’s problems and God has put him on earth—God spoke to me the other night, He said, ‘I put Donald Trump on earth to give you time, the church, to get ready.'”

Watch below

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